Cloud platform powered patient engagement & data science

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We're a robust cloud platform to power patient engagement & intelligence services for wellness providers. Our platform architecture has been crafted to provide an extensible foundation for both our own core services, as well as to facilitate expansion with 3rd party integrators. We're addressing pain-points and barriers in a market rife with legacy systems and lacking true cloud platforms.

Selection of our awesome core services


Appointment management feature lets providers and patients manage appointments by just few clicks.


A dialog with your provider is just a swipe away.


Share treatment progress with providers, family, and friends.

Wearable Integration

Share activity data & reports with provider, friends, and groups.

Document Storage

Centralized uploads for forms, media, and document sharing.

Medication Reminders

Schedule your dosables and receive reminders. Share or keep private, you’re in control.

Profiles And Groups Made Social

Share treatment progress with providers, family, and friends.


Flexible payment systems for treatment.

Data Insight for Providers & Patients

Data science driven reporting @ patient, practice, and system levels.

Team Track Record of Innovation & Domain Expertise


  • Team Member

    Dario Traverso

    • Founder @PingKast (2012) social media broadcasting platform.

    • Architect of cloud scale systems & big data intelligence.

    • Formerly IBM, Samsung R&D and successful startups.

    Team Member

    Goris Haghverdian

    • Advanced Research @ UCLA – machine learning, ubiquitous computing, cloud systems.

    • Software engineer expertise prototyping R&D projects, building APIs, and integrating solutions.

    • Formerly Samsung R&D.

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